• When I first saw "tuna empanadas" on the menu, I didn't even consider it, but then I tasted it, and omg! It was amazing! Light flakey dough, with a lovely mix of tuna, veggies and tomatoe inside. Melts in the mouth. It's definitely one of my favourites now. Rosalie
  • Just had my first cookie! Delisciousssssssss I feel so sweet and decadent!!Yummy Dulce de leche. - Therese Gauvreau
  • I always have a great experience with "La Generosite" the focus on excellent quality, fresh product, great service and community  awareness, will allow them to grow into the largest empanadas and alfajores service in Quebec, in my opinion they are experts  in baking goods and home-style products. - Carolina, Montreal
  • Ordered empanadas for a corporate Happy Hour for 40 people. They were delivered warm and ready to be served. What a hit! Everyone loved them! Thank you so much for the exceptional service and delicious treat! Liz Morales
  • Today, I tried the mushroom, and the capresse empanadas... OMG - delicious!! Thank you! Now I can add those to my freezer...I'm never without you know!  Carol Choquette


  • "El alfajor de chocolate, irreprochable...  en alfajores artesanos lo mejor que probe hasta ahora... dale para adelante que los productos son exquisitos!" - Luciano Todaro, Chef Restaurants Europea
  • Denise, Quería agradecerte por el pedido, las empanadas estaban deliciosas!! Tuvimos varios invitados argentinos que también estaban sorprendidos por la calidad y les encantaron. Seguro te haremos un nuevo pedido pronto. Muchas gracias. Saludos!!! - Matías, Verdun.
  • Que lindo que nuestra comida Argentina esté tan bien representada en ese lugar del mundo! Felicitaciones y muchos éxitos!!!!  - Marcela Manetti

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